Illegaal downloaden MP3’s

De sluiting van heeft weinig zin gehad,.. integendeel, men is meer illegaal gaan downloaden (voorzover downloaden via illegaal was, want je betaalde als downloader volgens de site gewoon de rechten!).

A survey by Entertainment Media Research revealed that illegal downloading has reached its highest level ever and the number of people concerned about being prosecuted is falling. (The Guardian).

Out of 1700 people who participated in the survey 43% claimed they’re illegally downloading tracks (last year it was 36%). Only 33% are concerned about the risk of prosecution compared to 42% in 2006. The report suggests that price is the key factor

The music industry association BPI replied that: “future success was not just down to new business models but also better protection against piracy, particularly from internet service providers.” “Industry cannot do it alone,” said a spokesman. “ISPs as gatekeepers, and government as legislators, must also play an active role in tackling copyright theft if the UK is to thrive as a knowledge economy.” for such situation and that the industry has to consider differential pricing.

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