Test and Review Artec MSP-50 ENN Single Coil Pickup

Artec MSP-50 ENN

Test and review of the Artec MSP-50 ENN Single Coil Pickup for Acoustic guitars (steel strings) with sound demo. Recorded using a microphone and the pickup straight into the DAW (Ardour). Comparison between microphone sound and pickup. The audio has not been edited afterwards except for normalization to even out the sound levels of speech and guitar. This is the sound as is!

What I noticed is when playing open chords the sound is leaning towards a single coil electric guitar. When playing barre chords or leads, it is leaning more towards the acoustic guitar sound.

Equipment used:
– Artec MSP-50 ENN
– AKG C900 Condenser Microphone
– Behringer UMC404HD audio interface
– Ardour (DAW)
– Washburn WD-42S

Before recording the guitar I put brand new strings on (D’Addario Phosphor Bronze Strings, string gauge: .012-.053).

Artec MSP-50 ENN (video)

Video details:
– Camera: Motorola Moto G7
– Video editing: Pitivi (Linux)

Supplier: Thomann, Germany.

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